Oct 6, 2017

The shit doodle.

I put up a few old things I drew a long, long time ago on my Comic Art Fans gallery. I did it in large part because one of my friends, Gerry, had wanted to see some of the things I had drawn. I put them up and told Gerry to go out and do his normal brutal, crit of them.
Gerry, didn’t seem to understand it (why I would ask him to be brutal about critiquing the work) but did it nonetheless.

The upshot was, he was spot on.

Nothing he said wasn’t absolutely correct or something I hadn’t thought myself looking at the drawings. I respect Gerry’s opinion though because he’s good, I mean he can draw (here, go look at his work).

You know I haven’t talked to Gerry in quite awhile now. Last time I saw him I think I bought a flat file that I didn’t want anymore up to his house.

Gerry’s really, really good. I mean he’s got great chops when it comes to art and he was nice enough to give me two very prized pages I have now in my collection because of his largesse. The funny thing is I met him through Brian and Brian was never anywhere near the artist Gerry is. Not that Brian thought that but it was true because Gerry never stopped working to get better and Brian just kept regurgitating the same shit over and over and over again.

I don’t know even what happened to him, I don’t think we had a falling out but I’m not on FaceBook and he had a tough go of things as two of his kids are autistic and he and his family were struggling.

It’s not easy for people in the arts. Especially for inkers, especially when they get older.

No one is immune to this shit. I think there was a generation of guys that worked for the big two through the sixties and seventies that were able to stay busy and make a living but today, forget it. Everyone has their time in the sun and then the clouds come and you are shit out of luck unless you can figure out a way to reinvent yourself.

Comics can be such a sucky business.

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